Make It Chic Events was my dream since I started helping my sister plan weddings a couple of years ago. Putting centerpieces together, catering late at night while everybody else was asleep, going shopping for materials…It was a lot of work but I really loved all the hard work, putting everything together and seing the end result.

Since I was a little girl, I always loved crafting, decorating, baking and cooking. Therefore, it really made sense to me to gatter all those wonderful skills and create Make It Chic Events. I enjoy putting ideas together and thinking outside of the box to create something memorable. I started planning parties for family and friends to build my portfolio and still am. If you need a dessert table at your special event, Make It Chic Events can create something beautiful for you.

I am also a mother of a precious 3 years old boy named Gabriel. He is the joy of my life. Gabriel was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 2. He is getting all the help he needs to talk and pronounce his first words.

So when I’m not spending precious time with my little one, I’m busy planning another wonderful dessert table.

Sasha Wolley


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